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Tand is a collision of two musical worlds from the past smashing together to create a sum greater than its parts. 

The journey (swimming us) to Tand was started by an inaugural backyard jam between Taylor Godsey (Guitar), Peter Krause (Bass) and drummer Elliott Day somewhere around 2013 in Pompano Beach that would later lead to the formation of Sawgrass Express. Sawgrass would go on to build a strong local following in South Florida, later disbanding as senior member and principle songwriter Tripp Gray moved out of state. 

Taylor was then introduced to keyboardist Daryl Wolff (Cypress, El Groundscoro, The BOSS Project, Brother Bean - also famously the brains behind Aura Music Festival, and a co-producer of Suwannee Hulaween) and one of the area’s premier rock drummers, Ali Nassar (Merry FranksterZ, Two Story Double Wide, Kinlin, Kezia, 40 Below Summer, Supergrub - which featured Ben Kenney from Incubus, etc.) to form Fugu. In the 18 months Fugu was together, they shared the stage with national acts like Perpetual Groove, Kung Fu, and The Nth Power, and made a festival appearance at Florida festival Orange Blossom Jamboree, all the while building a strong local following of friends and fans, new and old. 

In October of 2017, Taylor and Pete lost dear friend, bandmate, and aforementioned Tripp Gray. The loss would inspire new music - that music providing solace through the difficult times. Eventually, the answer became clear: combine the musical worlds of the past to create something based around new originals, as well as old music written by Taylor for the previous two bands, while also featuring original music from the late, great Tripp Gray. 

Our number one priority is for you to enjoy yourselves in our presence. Funky spirited, high energy, improvisational, dancing rock and roll with heart and soul. If that sounds like something you’d be into, come check us out.



Taylor is a native of Virginia. He relocated to Florida and emerged in the local music scene over 6 years ago. He’s been a member of multiple bands including Sawgrass Express (along with Peter) and Fugu (along with Ali and Daryl). Taylor loves studying music and spends most of his day practicing when he’s not out exploring the town!

Favorite band: Louis Cole



Daryl has had a strong passion for music since a young age. Sitting at the family piano learning songs by ear was a favorite of his. Whistling and singing were also things that happened occasionally. In the last 15 years, Daryl’s acquired an arsenal of keyboards providing a wide variety of textures and grooves. As the most experienced Tandmate in the business side of things, Daryl’s primary roll is fending off groupies and protecting the others from harm.

Favorite band: Phish



Ali is a Brooklyn born drummer who’s played with a number of bands and toured extensively. Now local to South Florida, he’s played with bands such as Two Story Double Wide, Kinlin, FUGU, El Groundscoro and countless other cover bands. Currently, he is the rhythmic backbone of the American rock band Tand!!

Favorite band: Gojira



Peter is an American bassist hailing from the NorthEast. Growing up in all four seasons have contributed to his well rounded funky playing style. Peter relocated to South Florida in 2011 and soon linked up with guitarist Taylor Godsey. Together they were founding members of the Florida jam band Sawgrass Express. They later disbanded when another founding member passed away. Peter’s most recent venture has him energetically providing rhythmic and harmonic foundation, and again playing with long time friend Taylor, in the South Florida band Tand.

Favorite band: Tedeschi Trucks Band





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